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Monument Bob 2
01-14-2008, 08:15 PM
I 'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but I get no response from Flight 1 or Carenado. None. I bought the Comanche and the Cessna 182Q which is advertised as being installable into FS2004 or FSX. No way. With the Comanche there is a key to switch from FS2004 to FSX, (which doesn't), but the 182 only downloads to 2004 and there is no option to put this is FSX. And so neither plane goes into FSX. Anyone else encounter this problem and fix it? If so, how? Perhaps I'm being unfair, but, frankly, I feel cheated.

01-14-2008, 10:07 PM
I don't know about the Comanche because I do not have it but I suspect the same procedure I am about to give you for the carenado may work as well.
No need to email carenado, they don't answer their emails. I have been trying to get the cherokee patch every since it came out and still do not have
it after several emails.

When I install planes, I do not install into the fs sim folder. I make a install folder on a different drive. That way I can see what is getting installed.
It's easy to copy it to the correct folders later. The carendo planes fly just fine in fsx. You do need to go to the carendo website and dl the fsx update.
http://www.carenado.com/ click on updates and click on cessna 182q. You should have dl'd a file called UPCARC182QFSX.zip.

Make an install folder. lets say, c:\FS2004 and install the cessna. as you look in the folder you will see three folders. aircraft, effects, gauges. Now make
a folder called SimObjects. Click on SimOjects and create another folder called airplanes. go back to the aircraft folder and click on it. You should see two
aircraft folders in there. Copy them to the SimObjects\Airplanes folder. Now open or unzip UPCARC182QFSX.zip and run it. Your install path will be
c:\FS2004\SimObjects\Airplanes. Now the carendo 182 is updated for fsx.
Copy Carenado Cessna 182Q & Carenado Cessna 182Q LR to your actual fsx\simobjects\airplanes folder. copy the effects to your fsx\effects folder.
copy the gauges to your fsx\gauges folder. Now run fsx and see if it shows up. If so, go flying.. When it first starts you will get gauge errors just click yes.
Once you are convienced all is okay, delete the C:\FS2004 folder you created.

I have six of their models installed and they work okay.

There are probably quicker and easier ways of doing this, but it works for me.

You should be able to do the Comanche the same way. Good Luck.

01-14-2008, 10:57 PM
If he is talking about the Eaglesoft Twin Comanche, it is installed via the Flight 1 wrapper, is provided a choice to what version to install via the ES installer, and does so with little effort other that to pick the appropriate buttons/paths. There is no reason to install it by hand, and you may mess-up the install by doing so.

The Carenado aircraft, on the other hand, I would agree is best installed manually. I have all the Carenado aircraft within FSX an all work great except for the Dakota post-SP2.

Monument, if you are also trying to install the Carenado aircraft via the Flight 1 wrapper/install procedure, take elcamino's advice. I see many folks who try to use that install method with many problems. I only download and install the Carenado products directly from their web site, and 'ported over' my Carenado aircraft via my FS9 install, and the Carenado FSX patch, and it worked like a charm. As I do not have FS9 on my system anymore, I keep a updated back-up of my sim folder, gauges, effects, etc, and can simply 'drag and drop' the Carenado aircraft into the appropriate folders and the aircraft work fine that way, as there are no 'complicated' or external folders necessary for them to work correctly.

01-14-2008, 11:04 PM
so far I can only recall actually INSTALLING one aircraft in FSX that didn't give me an option of where to install it; normally I install to a dummy directory so I can see what the heck I'm getting. If an installer won't allow this, here is a work-around that I have used: dummy FS9/FSX folder.

If the real FS9 is temporarily named FS9-BAK and an empty folder is 'offered' named FS9, where would you think most installers would put the product? You then move/copy all the components into the desired location and go on with life.

I prefer not to be controlled by the computer any more than necessary. I admit, however, that I have totally given in to the seductive power of FSX and my computer together. I am enslaved and learning to love my bondage.

Another 'trick' useful when adding new products to your installation: Enable attributes in the Explorer Window (details view) and notice the 'A' (achive flag) on all the files. Remove the achive flag from the entire installation (file properties at the installation level and all subfolders). Every time a file changes or is added, the archive flag is turned back on. If you start with a 'clean' installation, you will be able to identify any added or changed files by simply looking for files with the archive flag newly turned on. You could (I would, anyway) make a file list of JUST the new archived files using the DIR command at the command prompt - a listing of what's changed. If you keep the product, you can also keep the file that identifies all the components, then clear the archive flag and be ready for the next add-on.

Appropriate command to run from the FSX root folder: DIR /S /AA > NEWSTUF.TXT
This should give you a text file in the root FSX folder which lists ONLY archived files throughout the whole folder structure. I've several command prompt shortcut icons set here and there for just such convenience.


Monument Bob 2
01-14-2008, 11:56 PM
Thanks guys. I meant Cherokee, not Comanche. Got my tribes mixed up. It's very strange that Carenado doesn't tell the customers what you've just told me about putting these aircraft into FSX. There must be a number of frustrated buyers out there.
That's why I prefer CD's.
I'll try to go through these rather complicated maneuvers to put the 2 planes into FSX.