View Full Version : Can ATC be corrupted?

12-09-2007, 10:05 PM
Lately, ATC during IFR, has been giving me wrong directions. For example, I flew from Heathrow to Miami Intl. with the Boeing 747 in Virgin Atlantic colors and my approach into Miami was crazy. Half way during the flight however, I did switch from IFR to VFR to run the sim at 16x speed because I wasnt planning on sitting at computer for 7 hours straight. I went back to IFR 350 miles from Miami to give me enough time to descend from 37,000 feet with ATC calling the shots. I received the call to descend in increments by the ATC, but by the time I reached miami intl, I was still 8000 feet to high, so ended up as mis-approached. Anyway. I got the call to fly back around and to stay at 2000 feet for a 2nd try. When ATC started giving me the multiple calls with headings to line up with the airport and finally the 45 degree angle to let "app" take over, I was NO where near the airport...in fact I wasnt hearing the morse code yet and I knew I was never going to intercept the localizer. I ended up flying the jet manually to the 45 degree and then let app take over, but when it did, the jet was banking from left to right and back like crazy! I dont know why or what was going on.
I also noticed lately, I've been getting more and more heading corrections from ATC then from before. I always fly with the GPS screen on so I can see my progress and where the jet is. Mainly watching the red line..... Before ATC would have me lined up perfectly on the red line in the gps screen, now mostly, I'm always off track either too far to the right or left, never on top of it like before.
Has anyone else started to notice this? maybe something is corrupted in the program?