View Full Version : How we gain 4-6 FRs easily while keeping it real

11-18-2006, 12:38 PM
Just landed from a tweaking flight that has confirmed my suspicions about freeing up valuable Frs particularly on approach.
(I noticed how my craft felt smooth util final and then the frs dropped into the "jerky" zone)

1. The cockpit display eats up Frs but ya gotta have it to feel real.
BUT use the GPS only for finding the approach (until you have a visual) then hit Shift 3 (hide the GPS)and get 2-3 frame rate gain to
smooth out your approach and final adjustments. I have to admit I love the GPS but I do hide it now for final

2. Shut off your anti - virus program (My Norton AV eats up 2 3 FRs)

3. Clouds eat up huge amounts of FRs . Ya I know they make the world look real and make things interesting BUT they suck up processor energy and cause a big whack to FRs. Mess with the weather and watch what happens. So.... start out and land in clear weather and storm it up in mid flight when the ground realism isnt so important .

Yes I want to land clean on a rainy cloudy windy but Im going to have to figure out what to give up to get the challenging weather.
I dont want to reset all my sliders when I jack up the weather intensity. Too bad MS doenst have a general ground detail bypass secondary or key for this temporary adjustment

4. I went into task manager and right clicked FSX.exe and changed priority to Realtime(only on multiprocessor or duo core systems). Thank you to the forum contributer I got this from I dont have your post handy.
I didnt see any change either way.
I hope some of this helps you.
Whew theres no easy course with FSX but its still huge in its delivery of graphics and realism and IMHO worth the work