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02-03-2002, 06:29 PM
There once was a school of fish that swam in a great big lake. They were all smart fish, and they all had the same hobby. They enjoyed sharing knowledge about their hobby because that improved it tremendously.

But a fisherman found the lake. He wanted to see if there were any fish that weren't so smart. He wanted to find fish that would fall for his bait, so he cast his bait into the lake and flaunted it, mercilessly. Lo and behold, he caught fish, one after the other - unsuspecting fish, eager to snatch up a morsel of the fisherman's bait. Other fish could do nothing but watch in disgust as the fisherman picked off the fish one by one.
The fisherman was happy, so happy he continued to throw out his bait day after day, because he knew every day there would be some poor soul to catch. Even after much discussion and counsel about the fisherman amongst the fish, he still threw his bait out, and STILL some fell for it. It was a remarkable event, that this fisherman could be so successful with such an intelligent group of fish.

One day, a school of fish talked about ways to get rid of the fisherman. They thought maybe they could stop him from throwing his bait out, but that was impossible. He had the right to fish in the lake, just as the fish had the right to swim there.
"Maybe we can take his bait, angrily, and let him know we are tired of his antics," some said. But that did not work, because the fisherman was still getting what he wanted - tasty catches to torment and enjoy. Finally, a group of fish rose and said, "Hey, let's not fall for the bait. Let's ignore the fisherman and his taunting worm. If he can't catch any fish here, he's surely to tire and look elsewhere."

So the fish of the lake made an intelligent pact with one another - they ignored the fisherman's bait. Yes, the fisherman kept trying and trying, and some fish were eager to take the bait, and some poor souls did just that. After some time, however, once all the fish realized he would just go away, they stopped taking the bait. The fisherman grew weary of trying to catch fish in the lake, when the fish would not take his bait, and so he moved on to cast his bait elsewhere, never to bother the fish again. So it was that the fish lived happily in the lake, and the conversation turned back to the hobby that they loved.

The end.


02-03-2002, 07:19 PM
Nice story,
The problem can come in when some fish don't know about the fisherman and his bait. Some of the more knowledgeable fish need to watch out for the hook and hang a sign on it for the less informed!

Simon Evans
02-03-2002, 07:33 PM
Hmm, different ending from the one I heard...

...The fish got tired of seeing this hook dangling in front of them all the time, getting in the way and generally making the place look untidy. Eventually, tired of dodging, the fish went and saw their grumpy mate Shark who owed them a favour over an incident with a man, a high powered rifle and a fire extinguisher.

Shark paid the fisherman a visit late one night, while his attention was diverted trying to steal something out of his neighbours bag. Sneaking up on him from the depths, he launched himself out of the water and removed the fishermans' head with a single gulp.

And the moral?

Just 'coz the fish bite it doesn't mean they aren't capable of defending themselves. And little fish often have BIG fish as mates.

Simon Evans

02-03-2002, 08:07 PM
>Hmm, different ending from the one
>I heard...
>...The fish got tired of seeing
>this hook dangling in front
>of them all the time,
>getting in the way and
>generally making the place look
>untidy. Eventually, tired of dodging,
>the fish went and saw
>their grumpy mate Shark who
>owed them a favour over
>an incident with a man,
>a high powered rifle and
>a fire extinguisher.
>Shark paid the fisherman a visit
>late one night, while his
>attention was diverted trying to
>steal something out of his
>neighbours bag. Sneaking up on
>him from the depths, he
>launched himself out of the
>water and removed the fishermans'
>head with a single gulp.
>And the moral?
>Just 'coz the fish bite it
>doesn't mean they aren't capable
>of defending themselves. And little
>fish often have BIG fish
>as mates.

The fisherman, technically, is not trying to steal. He's not trying to take anything away from the fish that they might willfully give him.

The school of fish didn't know that there's a fish of the
pisces psychosis species, subspecies ormannay atesbay, swimming in the water. But, after the previous post, now they do.


02-03-2002, 08:12 PM
LAST EDITED ON Feb-03-02 AT 08:12PM (EDT)[p]>The fisherman, technically, is not trying to steal. He's not trying to take anything away from the fish that they might willfully give him.

In your story that's true. In this forum it's not. You see, the fish can't rightfully give what isn't theirs to give, even if it's willfull.