View Full Version : Anyone expierenced something like this before (ATC-screw up)

01-31-2002, 08:56 AM
Yesterday I flew (IFR) in the 737 from Key West to Tampa Intl. Florida. On final approach (visual approach) to runway 36L I saw a 777 taxiing toward the holding point of rwy 36L. It stopped, asked ATC for take-off clearance, which was denied, because I was on short finals. The 777 replied "Roger, hold short", but I acted completely different. It accelareted onto the runway, but didn't make turn. Instead of turning it continued taxiing across the runway (I almost clipped its tail while landing, I was not told to go around). Curious what happening I made the shortest landing ever in a 737 and dicided to follow the 777. I just keep on taxiing, first into the field next to the runway, while doing this it went straight through trees and houses. Then it reached the beach and just contuinued to taxi right over the water of the tampa bay!!!!!!!! At last I lost sight with him when it was about 10 NM out on the Mexican Golf, unbelievable.....

Has anybody seen this sort of things on Tampa, or maybe somewhere else??



01-31-2002, 03:34 PM
Sometimes when I'm bored I'll follow an AI aircraft to see what it does. I saw An Air Canada 737 on final to Dorval (Montreal) put the gear down and then never dropped below about 1000ft. It passed the runway,put the gear up and kept on going with no change in heading or altitude. When did Jerry Lewis get a pilot's licence?