View Full Version : DFW ATC frequency scanner?

01-25-2002, 06:40 PM
I've been listening to DFW Airport ATC (http://webevents.broadcast.com/simuflite/), and this link of course continually scans through different airport frequncies (Ground control, Tower, Regional approach, etc). I'm really getting hooked on listening to it all the time because I find it just so interesting to listen to. However, I want to only listen in on one frequency (just the control tower, for example), instead of continually scanning. I know somebody here wanted a list of DFW airport frequencies so that they could listen in on an individual frequency using a scanner they had (like what I'm trying to do).

My question is this: Is there a place where I can download some radio scanner that will let me tune in on DFW airport frequencies via the internet? Does anyone else do this?