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06-11-2003, 05:07 PM
Hi Everyone,
If you read my last post you will know that I am doing a tour of Germany. Well, I have completed my first leg successfully. This leg was from Berlin to Magdeburg. Here are the shots:

Passengers just boarded at gate 10, Tempelhof airport. About to close the door for departure:

Unfortunatley, I forgot to get a shot of the rotation, and by the time I had realised I had to go so far back that the replay was 'messed up', to put it lightly. So the next shot is just rolling out at my cruising altitude of 8000. Because this trip was only about 70nm long, I thought a low flight might be in order! Anyway, in this pic the cruise is so low that you can still see the airport that I took off from!:
Just a boring descent pic:

The rest of the flight just zoomed by, so the next pic I took was of me on final. Unfortunatley, this had to be from spot-plane view, as to zoom in from Tempelhof's tower reduced the quality a lot. That is one thing I hope FS2004 features: the tower view being from the nearest tower to your aircraft!:

Touchdown! Made it after a bit of a sloppy approach:

Engage reversers, wings folding; I just love the reversers on this beauty:

Some strange planespotter kindly took this pic of me. He must have take about 100 of me though because it would be the only aircraft he would see at this deserted airport! Didn't even have a tower, had to contact traffic. Also, when requesting IFR clearance, it said the airport's code instead of the name it is so small!:

Sorry for the bad quality pics guys, have to keep the size down though, I'm sure you'll understand.

Thanks for looking, comments and tips welcome as always,


06-11-2003, 05:28 PM
Well congrats to the first Germany leg!
I sure like your plane and livery (being Dutch) and I like Germany. So: carry on!!!