For use with Second Guess or Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II

As available on Xevious BBS 508-788-6951 and

These tile sets are all available from the ftp site and from the Xevious BBS under the file names TL###.ZIP where the ### corresponds to the ### field in the listing below.

NumberFile NameDescription and creator
0013D.TL3-D spheres in various shaded colors (Tom Boothby)
002BALLOONS.TLBalloons made of various colored circles (Tom Boothby)
003BARGELLO.TLWavey bargello needlework patterns (Tom Boothby)
004BLOX.TLMulticolored rectangles (Tom Boothby)
005BOXES.TLBoxes of colored triangles (Tom Boothby)
006BRANDS.TLOld west cattle brands (Don & Polly Hewitt)
007BUBBLE.TLCars in various weather (Tom Boothby)
008BUGS.TLVarious colorful insects (Don & Polly Hewitt)
009BUTTER.TLVarious colorful butterflies (George Chisholm)
010CIRCUS.TLCircus theme (Don & Polly Hewitt)
011COOKIE.TLCookies (Don & Polly Hewitt)
012DESSERT.TLVarious desserts (Don & Polly Hewitt)
013DOMINO.TLBlack dominoes (Tom Boothby)
014DOMINOS.TLColored dominoes (Don & Polly Hewitt)
015EGGS.TLEaster eggs (Don & Polly Hewitt)
016FLAGABET.TLNautical flag alphabet (Tom Boothby)
017FLORA.TLPlants, flowers, trees (Don & Polly Hewitt)
018GODSEYE.TLGod's eye knitting patterns (Tom Boothby)
019GROOMING.TLPersonal grooming items (Don & Polly Hewitt)
020HAMRAD-3.TLElectronics and Amateur Radio (G.D. van Nortwick)
021HATS.TLVarious hats (Don & Polly Hewitt)
022HERALD.TLHeraldry symbols with shields (Tom Boothby)
023HERLDRY.TLHeraldry symbols with shields (George Chisholm)
024HIGHWAY.TLCars and trucks (Don & Polly Hewitt)
025HRHAGGRD.TLBooks by H. Rider Haggard (G.D. van Nortwick)
026JUNKFOOD.TLCandy, snacks, soda, etc. (Don & Polly Hewitt)
027KNOTHOLE.TLRectangles with colored shading effects (Tom Boothby)
028LONGVLS.TLIllustrated words with long vowels (Tom Boothby)
029MAYA.TLMayan pronouncing alphabet (Tom Boothby)
030MAYA2.TLMayan counting, base 20 (Tom Boothby)
031NBXMAS.TLChristmas ornaments (Tom Boothby)
032NEEDLE.TLNeedlepoint patterns (Tom Boothby)
033NOSEY.TLBig nosed buy looking over fence (Tom Boothby)
034PAINTING.TLPaints, brushes, other tools (Don & Polly Hewitt)
035PETSHOP.TLPets, pet accessories (Don & Polly Hewitt)
036PICTO.TLBlue & white sign pictograms (Tom Boothby)
037RAILROAD.TLRailroad company logos (Sherry & Acy Ducy Hewitt)
038SEMAPHOR.TLSemaphore flag alphabet (Tom Boothby)
039SHADED.TLSimple shaded colors (Tom Boothby)
040SHIELDS.TLHeraldry shields (Tom Boothby)
041SIGFLAGS.TLUS Navy signal flags (Acy Ducy Hewitt)
042SILUETS.TLSilouettes, mostly people (Tom Boothby)
043SKOOLDAZ.TLKid-style drawings, school tools (Tom Boothby)
044SPHERES.TLShaded circles (Tom Boothby)
045SPIRALS.TLColored spirals, rectangles (Tom Boothby)
046STITCH.TLStitching patterns (Tom Boothby)
047SVFAMILY.TLFamily members (Tom Boothby)
048SVGAEZR.TLSimple (2 & 3 letter) illustrated words (Tom Boothby)
049SVGAICON.TL3-D icons (Tom Boothby)
050THE_FARM.TLFarm creatures sewing sampler style (Tom Boothby)
051TILES.TLFancy floor tiles (Tom Boothby)
052TOMBOO.TLSimple colored shapes (Tom Boothby)
053TOMJONGG.TLLike mahjongg tiles w/domino symbols (Tom Boothby)
054TOOLSET.TLHand and power tools (Don & Polly Hewitt)
055TRUX.TLTrailer trucks (Tom Boothby)
056VALENTNE.TLHearts with messages (Tom Boothby)
057VEGGIES.TLFruits and vegatables (Don & Polly Hewitt)
058VILLAGE.TLRural village buildings (Tom Boothby)
059WEAVE.TLWeaving patterns (Tom Boothby)
060WHEELS.TLSimple colored cars & trucks (Tom Boothby)
061WHITEOUT.TLMonochrome white disappearing patterns (Tom Boothby)
062YULETIDE.TLChristmas theme (Don & Polly Hewitt)
063ABC.TLIllustrated alphabet (Acy Ducy Hewitt)
064AQUFISH2.TLFresh & salt water aquarium fish (Don & Polly Hewitt)
065LURES.TLFishing lures, fancy backgrounds (Don & Polly Hewitt)
066LURES2.TLFishing lures, plain backgrounds (Don & Polly Hewitt)
067NEWYEARS.TLNew Years theme (Don & Polly Hewitt)
068ROADSIGN.TLRoad signs (Acy Ducy Hewitt)
069SHOES.TLVarious shoes (Don & Polly Hewitt)
070TICKTOCK.TLClocks and watches (Don & Polly Hewitt)
071FLAGS1.TLInternational flags A thru B (Paul Gillespie)
072FLAGS2.TLInternational flags C thru G (Paul Gillespie)
073FLAGS3.TLInternational flags G thru K (Paul Gillespie)
074FLAGS4.TLInternational flags K thru M (Paul Gillespie)
075FLAGS5.TLInternational flags N thru S (Paul Gillespie)
076FLAGS6.TLInternational flags S thru U (Paul Gillespie)
077FLAGS7.TLInternational flags U thru Z (Paul Gillespie)
078NATE.TLMusic, cartoons & video games (Nate Littlefield)
079BERLFNT.TLBerliner font alphabet (Larry Foye)
080CHANCFNT.TLChancery font alphabet (Larry Foye)
081GALLRFNT.TLGalleria font alphabet (Larry Foye)
082INTERFNT.TLInternational sign symbols (Larry Foye)
083SYMBLFNT.TLSymbol font with Greek letters (Larry Foye)
0843DTILE1.TL3D math symbols and numbers ("Brumus")
0853DTILE2.TL3D see-thru geometric symbols ("Brumus")
086MOSAIC.TLMosaic patterns ("Penny & Brumus")
087VIEWS.TLViews looking out the window ("Brumus")
088CIRCUIT.TLParts mounted on circuit boards (Lynne Pike)
089FRACTAL.TLColored fractal patterns (Tom Pike)
090LYNNE.TLCartoon characters (Lynne Pike)
091PATTERNS.TLKaleidoscope patterns (Lynne Pike)
092SWANS.TLMany similar swans (Tom & Lynne Pike)
093TOM.TLCartoon characters (Tom Pike)
094MEDICINE.TLMedical items and terms (Larry Foye)
095MEDICIN1.TLMedical items and terms (Larry Foye)
096SCI-FI.TLMajor sci-fi books and movies (Larry Foye)
097FONTASY.TLVSymbols taken from Windows fonts (Richard Idoux)
098MASKS.TLVWide variety of masks (Charlene Idoux)
099DRAGONS.TL(V)Many different dragons (Maddad & Polly Hewitt)
100COMIX1.TLComics characters (Tom Gardocki)
101COMIX2.TLComics characters (Tom Gardocki)
102COMIX3.TLComics characters (Tom Gardocki)
103COMIX4.TLSpace ships and DOOM characters (Tom Gardocki)
104COLORFL.TLMostly randoms colors and shapes (Ginger Carter)
105JUST4FUN.TLCartoon and other charcters (Ginger Carter)
106LIGHTH.TLLight houses (Gloria Jean Husk)
107SEATWO.TLSea side theme (Gloria Jean Husk)
108MJANIMAL.TLAnimal photos (Carolyn J. Haine)
109PRODUCE.TLFruits and veggies (Carolyn J. Haine)
110SESAME.TLSesame Street characters (Carolyn J. Haine)
111ALIENS2.TLLittle space aliens (Larry Foye)
112GALLRFNT.TLBased on Galleria font (Larry Foye)
113INTERFNT.TLInternational Signs (Larry Foye)
114UECHIFNT.TLBased on Uechi font (Larry Foye)
115ATTIRE.TLClothing, shoes, accessories (Polly Hewitt)
116COOKIE2.TLCookies, baked goods (Don & Polly Hewitt)
117GASCO.TLGas/oil company logos (Don & Polly Hewitt)
118MOREBUGS.TLInsects (Don & Polly Hewitt)
119QUIZ.TLFamous places and things (Don & Polly Hewitt)
120SWITCH16.TLSwitches, electric, letters (Brian D. Rhodes)
121SWITCH56.TLSwitches, electric, letters (Brian D. Rhodes)
122ABLBKR.TLInvisible suits of letters (Tom Boothby)
123OLDTIMER.TLOld west--captures from larger picture (Tom Boothby)
124PCXCAPS2.TLIcons, old west, signs from larger image (Tom Boothby)
125PCXCAPS3.TLBuildings, balloons from larger image (Tom Boothby)
126PCXCAPS4.TLMisc. images from larger image (Tom Boothby)
127PCXCAPS5.TLMisc. images from larger image (Tom Boothby)
128PICS.TLFractal like patterns (Tom Boothby)
129WANDS.TLSuits of wands/batons in similar colors (Tom Boothby)
130NEWYEARS.TLSuits of wands/batons in similar colors (Don & Polly Hewitt)
131YULE2.TLSuits of wands/batons in similar colors (Don & Polly Hewitt)
132OFFICE.TLSuits of wands/batons in similar colors (Don & Polly Hewitt)
133HALLOEVE.TLSuits of wands/batons in similar colors (Don & Polly Hewitt)
134CARSHOW1.TLSuits of wands/batons in similar colors (Don & Polly Hewitt)
135BAZAAR.TLSuits of wands/batons in similar colors (Don & Polly Hewitt)
136QUIZ.TLSuits of wands/batons in similar colors (Don & Polly Hewitt)

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