Argh! The flies have invaded your house, along with a host of other insect pests. In SuperFly you must use strategy plus quick reflexes to eliminate the insect menace!

SuperFly includes 20 different levels, each of which requires a different strategy to complete. Armed with fly swatters and other objects you find during play you must swat your way around the house until you can get the Super Fly.

The game requires strategy as much as's more than just a "twitch game". A good battle plan greatly raises you chances of success on each round. The registered version includes a set of tips for the game, both general strategies and round by round help.

SuperFly features include:

o  Three difficulty levels

o  20 round of action, including a two-part final round

o  Plus Bonus rounds

o  High score Hall Of Fame

o  Advanced players can skip easier rounds

o  Shell to DOS

o  Play using mouse, joystick or keyboard

SuperFly uses hi-res 16 color graphics (640x350 pixels) requiring an EGA or VGA video card. You can play with your choice of keyboard, joystick or mouse.

Test your strategy and quickness...wipe out the insect invasion and get the Super Fly!

o  To download SuperFly, click here. (File Size: 102,508 bytes)

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