Shih Dao

Shih Dao

"Fans of other tile-based games...should find that their game-playing pattern will make a perfect match with this game."
Computer Gaming World

"If you are looking for a new puzzle game to keep your mind sharp, give Shih Dao a try."
PC Gamer

Shih Dao is a Windows based tile strategy game. Your challenge: 72 tiles are to be placed on the board. Sounds easy! But careful play will get you a high score while careless moves will bring the game to a quick end. Finding four way matches will rack up lots of points.

Strategy will aid you in your quest to become a Master. Built in hints will help you place tiles and you can look ahead at upcoming tiles to help plan future moves. Beginners can use the graphical online help to get started.

Shih Dao offers 256 color high resolution graphics and also includes background music and digitized sound effects for owners of SoundBlaster (or compatible) sound cards.

The rules only take a few minutes to learn but game strategy, especially in trying to find two, three or four way matches always keeps the game interesting. You'll find that you just have to keep coming back for another game.

Shih Dao has all the features you'd expect, including

o  Awesome high resolution graphics

o  Multiple tile sets

o  Multiple boards

o  Background music

o  Tile sounds

o  Undo feature

o  Self running demo

o  Demo tutorial

o  Graphical online help

o  And more!

Sample of Shih Dao tiles

Shih Dao requires a 256 color VGA display, hard disk, mouse, and 386+ with at least 2 megs of RAM. It runs under Windows 3.1 or higher.

Play it now...and see what all the rave is about!

o  To download Shih Dao (part 1 of 2), click here. (File Size: 430,346 bytes)

o  To download Shih Dao (part 2 of 2), click here. (File Size: 452,816 bytes)

Shih Dao is written by Digital Empires Inc. and distributed by Arcanum Computing.

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