Mah Jongg Solitaire

Mah Jongg Solitaire

Since its original release Mah Jongg has proven to be a very popular and even addictive solitaire game. It's one of those games that always requires just one more try.

Mah Jongg is easy to play. All that's required is finding matching pairs of tiles from the selection placed face up on the playing surface. However, victory can be elusive as not every tile can be played and you can run into dead ends.

Mah Jongg can be played as a simple form of relaxation or as an intense mental exercise...the choice is yours! Some players prefer to work each board in order while others just like to use the game to keep their hands busy.

Mah Jongg runs using 16 color graphics in 640x350 pixel mode. Both EGA and VGA video cards support this mode. The game will also run in 720x348 pixel monochrome (Hercules monochrome mode).

Sample of Mah Jongg tiles

Mah Jongg features include:

o  Colorful hi-res graphics

o  Hundreds of available tile sets

o  Various tile layouts

o  Tile set editor ("Tile Factory") included

o  Statistics keeping

o  Hints

o  Tournaments

Sample of Mah Jongg tiles

The game comes complete with a tile editor utility called Tile Maker that lets you create your own tile sets or edit an existing sets. In this way you can have your own customized version of the game!

Mah Jongg requires EGA, VGA or Hercules graphics to run. No extended memory is required. A mouse is supported but not required.

Join the thousands of people already addicted to tile solitaire and give Mah Jongg a try!

o  To download Mah Jongg solitaire, click here. (File Size: 210,653 bytes)

For a great companion program to Mah Jongg, check out Tile Match solitaire.

Interested in the original four player Chinese game? Then visit the Mah Jongg Cyber Museum.

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