Second Guess

Second Guess

Second Guess is the most advanced computer version of concentration solitaire available!

Second Guess supports SVGA graphics (256 color, 640x480) as well as standard VGA and also includes digitized sound effects for owners of SoundBlaster (or compatible) sound cards.

Concentration solitaire is easy to play, but a good test of your memory. Starting with a board of tile pairs placed face down you must find matching pairs. Fastest time earns you a spot in the Hall Of Fame!

But Second Guess is more than just a standard concentration solitaire game. It can also be played competitively by two to four people. Or if you cannot find a partner to play with you can play against the computer.

Second Guess has all the options you could ever want, including:

o  Many available tile sets

o  Tile set editor "Tile Factory"

o  Variable backgrounds (plain, icons, PCX pictures)

o  Many difficulty levels...suitable for all ages!

o  High score Hall Of Fame

o  VGA/SVGA graphics

o  Animated effects when tiles are removed

o  Digitized sound effects

o  A variety of scoring options

o  Solitaire or multi-player games

o  Wild cards

o  Lose turn cards

o  And more!

Sample of Second Guess tiles

Second Guess requires VGA or SVGA graphics and 1 meg of expanded or extended memory to run. A mouse and SoundBlaster compatible sound card are supported but optional.

Join the thousands of people already addicted to tile solitaire and give Second Guess a try!

o  To download Second Guess click here. (File Size: 857,435 bytes)

o  To download additional Second Guess tile sets click here.

"It will challenge your memory and provide you with countless hours of relaxation and fun."
Joe DeRouen, Dallas Computer Currents, June 1995

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