Cipher/Cipher For Windows

Cipher/Cipher For Windows

Many people enjoy a good word puzzle. These have appeared in newspapers for years in a variety of forms. One popular type of word puzzle is the crypto-quote, where a phrase is written with one letter of the alphabet being substituted for another, forming a cipher. As its name implies, Cipher and are computerized versions of these puzzles.

One problem with working a cipher on paper is that the trial and error involved just wears out the paper. A computer screen is much better for this kind of trial and error work. With Cipher it's easy to try different letters, erase the ones that don't seem to work, start over from scratch and so on.

Another problem with printed puzzles is that if you get stuck your only alternative is to look at the answer. With Cipher you can get hints that will help you along without giving everything away. You have your choice of just how much help you want to get.

Cipher also adds some color to word puzzles. Hilighting is used to make matching letters easier to find for example. The game runs in hi-res graphics mode using 16 colors and 640x350 pixels. For those with older systems the DOS version can also run in text mode.

Cipher features include:

o  Play using mouse or keyboard

o  Single letter hint

o  Clear wrong guesses hint

o  Show letter frequencies hint

o  High score hall of fame

o  Separate records for up to nine players

o  User selectable screen colors

o  Over 200 puzzles included with game

o  Additional puzzle collections available

o  You can add your own puzzles

Both Cipher (the DOS version) and Cipher For Windows have identical features and can use the same puzzles.

Exercise your mind--solve a crypto-quote today with Cipher!

o  To download Cipher, click here. (File Size: 100,312 bytes)

o  To download Cipher For Windows, click here. (File Size: 112,740 bytes)

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